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An Excerpt from My Final Test on Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Explain your thoughts on if the events in the novel (Tralfamadorians and time travel, specifically) are real.

While I don’t believe in time travel personally, I do believe in the theory of Quantum Mechanics, something that I related to this novel the whole time I was reading it. The theory states that (much like the Tralfamadorian view) time doesn’t exist. There are hundreds of thousands of dimensions in the universe that humans can’t see; these dimensions hold different time periods, and we can be triggered into them sometimes. Dreaming is often seen as this type of phenomenon in the scientific field.
With that being said, I absolutely think that everything in this novel could be real. Obviously, it was very real for Vonnegut and Billy Pilgrim, who was not at all (in my opinion) crazy.